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Bright From the Start Approved trainings

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Creating a Literate Environment


Supporting Communication, Language and Literacy this Bright From the Start approved training is for childcare providers who seek to develop or increase instructional knowledge in the GELDS Communication, Language and Literacy domain.


Strategies presented improve children's receptive and expressive language. Participants learn to create a literate environment by introducing developmentally appropriate approaches to communication, language and literacy.


Strategies support Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards in the Communication, Language and Literacy domain. The information and techniques presented address the Receptive and Expressive Language standards, helping to improve Quality Rated scores.

Playing with Animals
Health and Safety Orientation Training


 In this required health and safety research based training, participants will receive detailed and comprehensive information about how to establish and maintain a healthy and safe environment.


National Health and Safety Standards which promote the well-being of children in educational environments are thoroughly explained and participants will engage in learning activities that demonstrate ways to avoid numerous hazards and maintain physical safety inside and outside of the learning facility.


This Bright From the Start approved training also includes information on the prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Shaken Baby Syndrome an discussion on methods to reduce the spread of infectious diseases and viruses such as ZIKA, the H1N1 virus-swine flu.


Through discussion and learning activities, participants will cover guidelines for identifying risk factors and clues which indicate child maltreatment, prevention strategies and reporting procedures.

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Understanding How Children Grow and Develop


This online training provides a foundational understanding of the ways in which children grow and develop. It provides early childcare providers with an understanding of children's developmental stages as well as the cultural, social, health, and economic factors that influence children's development. Using knowledge of young children's characteristics, cultural and linguistic, backgrounds, and their needs to plan appropriate and responsive learning experiences.

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