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Chronicles of Effective Teaching

Professional Development Workshop Series

Chronicles of Effective Teaching is a series of customized professional learning workshops and courses  that help bridge the gap between students’ current performance and their academic potential. Each workshop can stand independently or be a combined to create a professional learning plan.

Standard Scrutiny


Our Co-teaching Matrix© is an integral part of our LAVOULLE GROUP Educational Services. The Co-Teaching Matrix is designed to create successful implementation and sustainability of co-teaching. 


Moving from compliance to effective instruction, the Co-Teaching Matrix © provides support for both general and special education teachers. This series teaches the preferred   co-teaching models that reduce student teacher ratio and follows the Standards Based Classroom Framework.  


Engaging both the general education and the special education teacher in a dialog about instruction within a safe environment. Participants learn to create standards-based lessons using preferred co-teaching approaches.

Co-Teaching Approaches
A team of general education and special education consultants conduct sessions that support teachers as they: 
  1. engage students in learning standards-based instructional activities;  
  2. learn content and its connection to teaching;
  3. integrate hands-on and real-life experiences while integrating the best practices of effective co-teaching; and
  4. demonstrate strategies for engaging students in acquiring standards-based reading and literature.
Content Knowledge

Customized support in mathematics, science, social studies and/or English. Content workshops incorporate real-life experiences along with integrating effective co-teaching approaches. 


Sufficient co-planning is essential to the development of effective lesson plans that increase academic performance.  We support teachers with planning designs and model effective co-planning. 

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