Fireside Chat

As a school administrator, I established a collaborative work environment with the use of frequent, unofficial meetings with teachers. I referred to these meetings as Fireside Chats. Although there was no fireside, I invited a small group of teachers to ‘chat’ with me after-school.

Fireside chats were semi-structured meetings that not only provided an opportunity for me to create a personal connection with the teachers but also allowed the teachers to get to know each other. I quickly discovered that many middle and high school faculty were very segregated, thus, teachers rarely knew anything about teachers outside of their respective departments or grade levels.

Fireside Chats should:

  • Include Food

  • Encourage collaboration and interdependence

  • Establish open and honest communication

  • Provide an opportunity to give and receive support in a safe environment

  • Remain confidential

Crystal LaVoulle, PhD.

LaVoulle Group, LLC.

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