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Educational Travel

Educators often benefit personally and professionally from travel. I believe that educators who travel can expand their knowledge base about different places in ways unmatched through virtual experiences. Traveling allows one to become a student again, educators can test their critical thinking skills by learning to navigate new environments and testing their interpersonal skills.

Suggestions for educators who want to travel:

Living and working abroad

Teaching English is a common experience teachers have with traveling abroad, however opportunities exist for administrators, professional development proctors, consultants and more. an added benefit to working abroad is traveling to neighboring countries. For instance, teachers working and living in Australia may opt to travel to neighboring counties like Indonesia for summer breaks instead of traveling back to their home countries.

Some teachers have also opted for online teaching jobs which allow educators to earn pay while engaging in remote work.

Fellowships and Grant opportunities

Teachers who do not want to live abroad but still want to immerse themselves in different environments can apply for fellowships with private companies and governments. There is also the option of bringing students along for teacher-lead study abroad programs.

There are lots of options for teachers to see the world, with proper planning and implementation teachers can make their travel aspirations into reality.

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