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Why Principals Needs to Invest in Teacher Effectiveness

Principals have a lot of tasks to accomplish each day, but each one contributes to the most important goal: helping each student reach their fullest potential. This is very aspirational, but not impossible. You just need effective teachers.

Effective teachers bridge the gap between a student’s current academic performance and their fullest potential. Professional development for teachers should focus on increasing their effectiveness in two key ways:

  • Implementing rigorous and relevant instructional practices

  • Understanding the individual learning profiles of each student

The Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University says “research consistently shows that teaching is the single most important school-based factor in a student’s academic growth.” By investing in the effectiveness of your teachers, you are investing in your students.

Rigorous and relevant instructional practices

If you’ve been in education long enough, you know instructional practices come and go. There are, however, research-based best practices that align with any curriculum and are proven to teach students in the most effective way.

Understanding the individual learning profiles of each student

The students in your school come from diverse backgrounds. Everything affects how students learn, including their culture, socioeconomic status, and religion.

Effective teachers have training not only how to differentiate for varying academic levels, but also in culturally relevant pedagogy, meeting students where they are in life and giving individualized support.

Give teachers professional development that increases their effectiveness

The LaVoulle Group are international education consultants focused on providing professional development that increases teacher effectiveness. When you work with us, we give teachers customized, targeted support in areas they need.

See for yourself what other principals have to say about our training. Check out testimonials on our website.

Contact Dr. Crystal LaVoulle to discuss what kinds of support we can give your school.

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