Girls and STEM

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Science and Technology are two of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Though technology and computer based fields can be lucrative and rewarding professions, the ratio of women to men is disturbingly unbalanced. There is no scientific evidence that women are inherently inferior in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) subjects, but many messages infused by media contribute to women’s lack of confidence in pursing STEM careers from a young age.

To encourage young girls to pursue STEM careers it would be helpful to surround them with positive female role-models and encourage them to ask questions while simultaneously helping them seek answers. Following young girls’ interests in cooking (chemistry) and gardening (botany) are ways to support their endeavors and allow females to explore multi-dimensional identities. By telling young girls they can be equally interested in fashion and algebraic equations the fields of STEM and technology can be altered. Women entering STEM fields not only help close the gender pay gap, but will allow young women to prosper and be encouraged to pursue the profession of their choosing.

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